Sukkot Potluck Supper!

October 16, 4pm on the farm. It’s a Sukkoth Potluck Supper! Please join us!

What’s Sukkot?

Sukkot, or the Feast of Tabernacles, is a holiday of celebration as we remember God’s protection of His people while they were in the desert prior to entering the Promised Land. God in his mercy provided a cloud of glory to protect and cover the Israelites in the desert. For this holiday we build a booth or sukkoth, referring to a temporary dwelling reminiscent of the tents the Jews lived in during their wilderness time.

We all go through times of transition and uncertainty in our lives. Sukkot reminds us to be thankful in those times, because it is in those difficulties and uncertainties that God provides for us, protects, and gently leads us.

Subkot is a joyful feast, not unlike our Thanksgiving!

How Do You Celebrate Sukkot?

Because Sukkot is a feast of thanksgiving for God’s protection and provision, we are commanded to rejoice! Here’s how we celebrate:

  1. We eat outside in booths or tents. Sometimes, depending on the weather, we even sleep in them!
  2. We feast! It’s a great time for enjoying the abundance of the harvest.
  3. We light candles, remembering our ancestors, saying their names.
  4. We dance!

Will you join us on Sunday? We’ll be in the backyard under the sukkah (the tent!). Please bring a dish to share. Dessert will be provided.


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