Stuffed Squash Blossoms

I love it when my kids say I should be on Guy’s Grocery Games. They say it is because I take really random things and make good meals. #bestcomplimentever

It really comes down to seasonal and local eating at its best. When something is in season we need to figure out how to capitalize on it, to use it to its full potential. Rather than what we typically do in America….which is find a recipe, go to the store, buy all the specific ingredients, and make a great meal. Then that 3/4 jar of capers or 1/4 cup shy of a quart of buttermilk just sits in the fridge and goes bad. Truth is, so many people don’t really know how to cook. They know how to follow recipes. They don’t necessarily know how to look at a pile of ingredients and unlock all the possibilities.  A return to real cooking is one of the key ways we can combat food waste in this country! (Want to learn a little more about food waste in America and what you can practically do about it? Start here: How Ugly Fruits and Vegetables Can Help Solve World Hunger)

And seriously, I just hate to waste things! I appreciate frugality. I believe in nose-to-tail eating. Why kill an animal if you only want bacon? What about the ears and feet and organs?  The same goes for plants. Why do we have to throw away the broccoli stalks? The cores of the cabbage? The greens on top of the beets? They are edible!

I suppose this is why I started loving squash flowers. The squash is delicious and yummy. But those flowers are so beautiful! Last year my little daughter, Saraa, and I had quite a fun time coming up with fun things to do with squash flowers (all kinds of squash and pumpkin flowers).

Here’s what we had for lunch yesterday:

Seasonal Eating, Squash Flowers

Sautéed mixed greens (beet greens, rainbow chard, arugula, kale, mizuna, red mustard) with sausage, a farm fresh egg and a stuffed squash flower.

The stuffed squash flower was the real MVP. Crispy and golden on the outside. Gooey cheesy on the inside. Be still my beating heart.

Squash flowers

I could have eaten the whole plate of them by myself. But, my family wanted some. So demanding. So, I begrudgingly shared. (It’s one of the new corporal acts of mercy, I think.)

These were made with sharp cheddar, crumbled local sausage, dipped in bread crumbs I made from rosemary garlic bread. A-MA-ZING!

So, we included it in this week’s CSA recipes. When CSA members pick up their share each week, we try to include some of our favorite recipes, things we’ve been whipping up in our kitchen from the freshest stuff from the garden.  It’s just our way of helping to eliminate food waste by inspiring delicious meals the whole family wants to eat!

Not a CSA member but still want to try some seasonal recipes we are developing in the farm kitchen? We upload them on our recipe page. Bon Appétit!

Open House!

Are you curious about this farm thing the Gombojavs are doing?

Are you wondering what exactly pastured-based farming is?

Are you a CSA member or farmstand customer and want to see how your food is being grown?

Do you just like our company because we’re pretty cool peeps?

If you answered yes to any of these questions come on out June 18! We’ll be giving a farm tour, answering your questions, give you a chance to pet the baby animals, and some farm fresh eats, too! Come join us!

Open House

What’s a CSA? (and other FAQ)

Family Recipes

We get a lot of questions about the farm and CSA. So, we thought we’d tackle them all in one post. If your question is not answered in this post, leave us a comment on this post and we’ll answer it!

  1. What exactly is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a fancy way of saying a way to buy your food directly from a small-scale local farm. Think of it as a buying club for your farm fresh local wares.  Here’s how it works: you sign-up at the beginning of the season. Paying upfront allows the farmer to have capital to work with throughout the season rather than having to wait until the season is over to have funds. Then throughout the growing and harvesting season, you as a member, get a share of the harvest! Every week you get to pick-up farm fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, milk, etc.

This is a beautiful set-up for several reasons. Your grocery money goes directly to those growing your food–cutting out the middle man, big corporations, etc. It’s sort of the ultimate “putting-your-money-where-your-mouth-is.”

2. How much does it cost to join?

We have two levels. Full share is $200. Half share is $100.

3. How much produce does that give me?

Each week for 9 weeks you will get $25 (full share) or $12.50 (half share) worth of fruits, vegetables and herbs.  What exactly you receive will vary according to what is freshest and being harvested at that time. So you are guaranteed fresh and local!

Frequently asked questions

4. Do you have anything besides produce?

We have raw milk, butter, yogurt, cheese, kombucha and sometimes pastured meat. If you would like part of your CSA share to include some of these items, we may be able to accommodate. Just let us know what you’re looking for!

5. How do I get the stuff?

We have two pick-up options: Monday and Friday. But, if you need a special arrangement or to pick up another day, let us know and we’ll try to be as flexible as we can. Hey, we’re all busy families. We know the drill. Am I right?


Frequently asked questions

6. Can I visit your farm?

Yes. Yes, you can.

Email or call to arrange a farm tour. We also have a variety of events from concerts to workshops to kid farm days. So come on out and join the fun. You do NOT need to be a CSA member to enjoy the events. Check out the events page for more information.

7. I am not ready to join the CSA, but I want to buy produce? Can I do that?

Sure thing! Beginning sometime in June we’ll have a full-time farmstand.

8. Are you certified organic?

The term organic is now regulated by the USDA and through state and local regulatory agencies. We have not, at this time, sought certification. Our farm, however, maintains a higher standard than government minimums. We call it transparency. You are welcome to question us about our growing practices at any time, visit the farm anytime, see the operation anytime, etc. We will not spray chemical pesticides, chemical herbicides or use chemical fertilizer. Remember, we have to live here and drink water from this well! The health of our soil is paramount to us! Our model and goal is sustainability. Our fertilizer and soil amendments come from happy animals and compostable materials. Our seeds are saved year-by-year to the best of our ability. When we purchase seeds they are always 100% non-GMO. Our animal operation is rotational pastured-based. We strive to reduce waste by recycling, upcycling, and reusing all we can. Our goal is small footprint farming.

I guess what it comes down to is this: Do you trust a government label or a farmer who says, “Come visit and check out exactly what we do!” We think the latter is best. Don’t you?

Frequently asked questions

9. Are those ALL your kids?

Yes. Indeed.

10. Don’t you have your hands full?

Yes, and our hearts, too.


Food as an act of theology?

Food as an act of theology

Maybe it’s because at the moment we are up to our ears in planting seeds, milking the calf and welcoming baby-everything to the farm. Chicks, ducks, lambs, piglets, etc. Maybe it’s because we spend a little too much time in our own heads. Maybe it’s because we are a bit theological geeks first and then we became farmers. (Did you know Gana actually has a Master’s Degree in theology from Fuller Seminary?) Maybe it’s the innate desire of every person to feel that they are participating in meaningful work. Whatever the reason, we feel compelled today to share a little bit of the divinity hidden in the stuff of earth. Continue reading


Spring is in the air! Can you feel it? Can you dig it?

We are so excited about our first farmstand and CSA season!  And nothing says EXCITEMENT like a giveaway! amiright?!

Giveaway Time!

So, here’s how it goes: One lovely winner will win a $50 credit to the farmstand. (That’s right! Fifty big ones!) This can be used towards a CSA membership or directly at the farmstand or for services (handyman, carpentry, rotatilling, etc.).

There are lots of ways to enter! Do one or do them all! You choose. ❤ 

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  6. SIGN-UP for the 2016 CSA. (If you win and you’ve already paid, we’ll either refund you $50 or up your share!)
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Ready? Set? START SHARING!!!


[GIVEAWAY ends June 2! Keep sharing and keep sharing until the end! You can enter as many times as you want!]